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On the left is a list of presentations supplied, with their permission, by members of the Metabolic Biochemistry Network and other colleagues. Any personal patient information has been removed.

They are classified into:-

These are classified according to the type of molecule involved (amino acid, enzyme, DNA etc) and generally discuss analytical techniques, the interpretation of results and the application of the test to diagnose specific disorders.

This includes presentations where a specific disorder or group of disorders is discussed. These are further classified based on the disorder group.

This section includes presentations on the differential diagnosis of inborn errors of metabolism in patients presenting with common symptoms or symptom groups eg hypoglycaemia, jaundice etc and also on the structure of diagnostic services for metabolic disease.

All are pdf files and the vast majority are in PowerPoint format but the version of PowerPoint used may vary. Click the subgroup to see all the presentations for that group. Clicking the major category eg Methods will reveal a list of all the presentations in that category

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