Training Resources

Training Resources

This section includes documents concerning the training of Clinical Biochemists in Metabolic and Paediatric Biochemistry. They may also prove useful to BioMedical Scientists (but first see the BMS Training Group Page on this site), clinicians nurses, dieticians and people other disciplines working in Inherited Metabolic Disease.The documents are grouped according to the level of training.

Introductory Training in Metabolic Laboratory Medicine

STP Training

This contains the recommendations for training in Metabolic and Paediatric Biochemistry for students in the three year course of the Blood Sciences Scientist Training Programme (STP).There are two documents - the MSc Learning Outcomes and the Work Based Learning Guide which cover the academic and “hands on” aspects of training respectively. The MetBioNet Trainers and other members of the Network have been involved in their production.

Also included in this section are a series of Introductory PowerPoint Modules covering the whole area of Inherited Metabolic Disease which were produced by members of the Network. They provide a training resource for STP and HSST trainees and for anyone else with an interest in Inherited Metabolic Disease.

Advanced Training in Metabolic Laboratory Medicine

General HSST Training

This will contain the recommendations for the training in Metabolic and Paediatric Biochemistry for Higher Specialist Scientific Trainees in General Clinical Biochemistry. We are currently waiting for these to be published on the web. The HSST Curriculum for Clinical Scientists (produced by the Royal College of Pathologists) has been approved and is awaiting publication. We will provide a link to it when it is available. Again MetBioNet personnel were involved in its production.

Specialist HST Training

This includes a curriculum for the current HST Training programme in Paediatric & Metabolic Biochemistry that has been running for several years. It provides a tree-structured list of topics to be covered and links to relevant presentations or websites.

We are looking into the possibility of more specialist training programmes which would integrate with the existing HSST or other programmes created by Modernising Scientific Careers and will link to them when available.

Modernising Scientific Careers

This section contains explanatory presentations on Modernising Scientific Careers

Other Items

This includes general information covering areas of training in Inherited Metabolic Disease and Clinical Biochemistry 


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